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Not so many years ago, whilst wrapping up to go out in -15°C midnight, on the border between Finland and Norway, to watch the Northern Lights, my mum turned to me and said 'Oh, that it is a beautiful pashmina! It's a fantastic colour on you'. I smiled and thanked her as I said 'lots of people have said this to me - the same goes for my rainbow one we bought on holiday.' 

Mum pulled her gloves on and said 'Yes, that one in stunning - Jess often gets complimented on hers, in fact, so many people have asked her where she bought it that she has more than once said she should have bought a joblot and sold them.'

I pulled on my hat and opened the door. 

'Well then, why don't we?'

And that is how The Pretty Pash Co came in to being; a family business, determined to have our customers stopped by friends and family to say 'Oh, what a pretty pashmina! Where did you get it?'


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