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So we are at the end of the second month of the Pretty Pash venture. Foolishly I thought that it would be smooth sailing once a website was up. All we would have to do is sit down, decide on colours, logos, target audience, buy Pashes, sell Pashes. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, and the world has more Pretty Pashes in it.

Well it turns out that it isn’t that easy! Once you get past looking at colours, logos, packaging, and these bits and bobs you have the identity crisis - who are we? what are we trying to do? will it work? can I keep all of the Pashes for myself?

The tricky bit is figuring out the audience - who are we wanting to sell to? Are we aiming at appealing to mums? Daughters? Husbands buying for wives? 20-somethings who like something new? Mainstream fashionistas? We really should stick to what we know, and what do we know? Well, we know us. Who are we? Well, we are Jayne (or mum to me), Jess (sister to me), and Liz (me)- so we know mums, we know sisters, we know daughters, we know the 20-somethings, the 30-somethings, and the It-would-be-rude-to-ask-somethings. So who do we want to appeal to? Well, us. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, gift givers, gift receivers, and lovers of the pretty-little-something.

Now we know who we are looking to sell to (us), what are we going to sell?  Having trawled suppliers, designs, tested samples, assessed quality, colours etc. The hardest bit seems to be not buying, everything we are looking at is Pretty. Every sample has ended up in a pash drawer, every tested pash has been complemented by unwitting colleagues and friends.  After narrowing the options down, it is very exciting to know that the prettiest Pashes we have had the delight in owning are on their way to us to be shared by you.

So, what are we about? We are about selling the prettiest Pashes to people like us, who like a splash of colour and a dash of eligance once in a while. 



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